Senja Residences

The newest executive condominium to hit the market is Senja Residences EC. They built one of the nicest communities in Senja Close. This fascinating new community offers a large selection of attractive apartments for prospective tenants to choose from.

The unique and beautiful design of this building will provide its future inhabitants with a high standard of living convenience. There’s enough room inside for everyone to spread out and relax in comfort. The apartments are designed to provide the residents with all the comforts and seclusion they need.

The floor plans of these dwellings provide not just big living quarters but also enough storage space for all of your household necessities. Each piece of furniture and equipment given is of the highest quality and comes from a reputable brand.

This means that whoever eventually moves into one of Senja Residences’ units will have a fantastic time there. There are two- to four-bedroom apartments, some of which are dual-key or penthouses. Anyone from a young couple to an extended family will feel quite at home here.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of the building itself, residents of Senja Residences will appreciate the convenient proximity to a number of services and amenities.

In addition to schools, libraries, and parks like the world-famous Sungei Kadut Eco-district, residents will have access to every imaginable amenity.



Warren Golf & Country Club

When it first opened on Folkestone Road in 1962, the Warre Golf & Country Club only had a four-hole course, but it rapidly grew to include nine holes and a driving range. The Club has evolved throughout the years and today has an 18-hole professional golf course and several other recreational and social amenities.

There isn’t a more interesting or challenging golf course in Singapore than Warren G&CC. The greens are very undulating and sloped, and the bunkers are both strategically placed and aesthetically pleasing. A large drainage canal, as well as several smaller lakes and ponds, provide a water hazard on a number of holes. The scenery at Warren, a popular Singapore golf course, is always interesting, and for good reason: each hole was meticulously planned.

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo, in the island’s northwest corner, is a fantastic destination for animal enthusiasts.

One of the top jungle zoos in the world, this popular attraction has been welcoming visitors since 1973.

In addition to nearly 2,800 species from 300 species, such as Malayan tapirs, crocodiles, and white tigers, the zoo has earned several international and regional honors.

Notable among them are the STB 22nd Tourism Award for Greatest Leisure Attraction Experience of the Year and recognition as one of the world’s finest zoos by Forbes Traveler. The 2018 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award named it one of the top three zoos in the world.

Chestnut Nature Park

East of Chestnut Avenue is a park of the same name. The natural park acts as a verdant buffer zone around the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

In addition to Chestnut Nature Park (North), there is also Chestnut Nature Park (South) (North). The 81 hectares that make up Chestnut Nature Park presently make it the biggest nature park in Singapore.

In addition to its many miles of hiking and mountain bike trails, Chestnut Nature Park also has shelters, mapboards, pavilions, restrooms, and parking. An additional convenience for park goers is a booth where they may hire bikes, clean their bikes, and purchase pre-packaged food.


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