One KA @ Macpherson

Investing in Upcoming B1 Light Industrial One KA @ Macpherson

One KA @ Macpherson is a B1 industrial freehold building development located at 1 Kampong Ampat in District 13. At One KA @ Macpherson, you can rent B1 industrial premises with a large floor space. The majority of what we do is rental and sales of light industrial outlets. The well-known developer who is in charge of this project is one of the best in the country.

The structure has a really well thought out plan, making the most out of the available space in each apartment. Additionally, it is furnished with the essential conveniences. Starting a company in Singapore is made easier by the city’s central location, which is well suited for commercial activity and offers a number of advantages.

A multi-use B1 light industrial development featuring a showroom, factory shop, warehouse shop, and office space on the mezzanine level.

Put in some serious work at a building that has a rooftop garden and a green roof. Taking a break in the middle of beautiful scenery has been shown to increase productivity and happiness at work. There is plenty of parking for both you and your customers in the multi-level garages at each location.

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Attractions in Machperson

The location of One KA @ Macpherson in Singapore is at the crossroads of Kampong Ampat Road and Macpherson Road. Macpherson is part of the Macpherson neighborhood. With only one KA on staff at Macpherson, the school becomes a possible entry point for everyone. By bringing in a substantial number of customers, it will make it possible for one’s company to be successful. It will be located at the intersection that sees the most foot traffic along Macpherson Road.

Nothing beats feeling the excitement and vitality of a bustling metropolis. Numerous intriguing facilities may be found in the area.


Macpherson Mall

Macpherson Mall is also referred to as M2 or “M Square”, and it is planned to be the hippest new freehold mixed development in Singapore. It will consist of a luxurious hotel on the upper floors and a trendy and lively retail mall on the lower floors. When you stay at Macpherson Mall, you will have access to a portion of the hotel as well as a fantastic mix of places to shop and dine.

Mattar MRT

Located in Singapore’s Geylang planning area, the Mattar MRT station serves passengers traveling on the Downtown line. At the crossroads of Mattar Road and Merpati Road, as its name says, you’ll find this tunnel.

Air Force Museum

It is impossible to overstate the importance of the Air Force Museum to the Republic of Singapore Air Force and to Singaporeans’ understanding of their country’s military history and

culture. The gallery has gone a long way since it first opened on September 1, 1988, at Changi Air Base. The museum, which is housed on a campus next to Paya Lebar Air Base, is known for its innovative blend of traditional exhibits with cutting-edge multimedia technology. The museum gives visitors of all ages a dynamic, interactive encounter with the RSAF narrative.

Kallang Riverside Park

Located on each side of the Kallang River, Kallang Riverside Park caters to those with a thirst for adventure. The park’s fitness centers, running and cycling paths, and water sports venues ensure that visitors of all ages may spend many enjoyable hours there.

Birdwatchers, particularly those visiting between September and March during the migration season, may see anything from tiny egrets to gray herons in the region. Those who need a break from the noise and rush of the city may relax beneath a coconut tree, have picnics, and take in the tranquility of the reservoir.