Food Vision @ Mandai

The city-state of Singapore’s booming economy owes much of its success to the food sector. Higher demand for healthy food options may be attributed to rising public interest in health and wellness. This has created new markets for Singaporean-made edibles.

An exceptionally rare B2 Food Industrial building, Food Vision @ Mandai can be found at 19 Mandai Estate. There are 114 B2 food production spaces in this 10-story facility, as well as one employee cafeteria. The food processing facilities at Food Vision @ Mandai come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any kind of food-related enterprise. All units are accessible and include ramps for easy entry.

Food Vision Bakery

Rental prices will rise as demand rises, which will have a negative impact on the cost of doing business for the food service industry. As a result, investors looking for a high rental return and food company owners seeking a solution to their problems may both benefit from Food Vision @ Mandai.


Location of Food Vision at MandaiFood Vision Mandai Location



Find us in District 25 at 19 Mandai Estate! B2 industrial building, Food Vision @ Mandai has a total of roughly 1,688 square feet of gross floor space above ground. The Northern Agri-Tech & Food Corridor and the Sungei Kadut ECO District are only a short distance away, and the 10-story structure is conveniently located among a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops. Once renovated, this boutique office’s convenient location near public transportation and nearby amenities makes it a top choice for businesses in the coworking, media and creative, and professional services sectors. A bustling “market area” with open-concept food and beverage outlets would integrate with a “social center” with creative activity programs.

Numerous businesses and conveniences are located conveniently close by. Food Vision’s strategic placement makes it easy for passing motorists and commuting pedestrians to stop by. It is situated near many important highways, including the Seletar Expressway (SLE) and the Kranji Expressway (KJE). In addition, both the Kranji and Yew Tee MRT stations are within walking distance, making it convenient for commuters.

Food Vision is conveniently located near several services, not only transit. You may go to places like Yew Tee Square, Greenridge Shopping Centre, or the Lot One Shopper’s Mall to get all of the things you need. Yew Tee Park and other nature parks with beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife are also nearby if you’re looking for a place to unwind and have fun.

With the increasing number of developments in and around District 25, investors are taking notice of the area’s promising future.


Sungei Kadut Eco-District – The Amazing Convenience

Plans are in the works to keep one of Singapore’s oldest industrial estates flexible and responsive to the ever-evolving requirements of the manufacturing sector.

Sungei Kadut is now home to several companies in the woodworking, furniture making, building supplies, and garbage collection sectors. JTC has recently built a number of multi-user projects inside Sungei Kadut in an effort to maximize land use, cut down on business expenses, and make better use of available resources. A few examples of these new constructions include trendspace, which caters to the furniture and allied industries; TimMac, which serves the wood, metal, and equipment sectors; and Kranji Green, which serves the waste management and recycling sectors that underpin the environmental technology sector.


Kranji Green – devoted to minimizing waste and landfills

A growing number of business leaders have made conservation a priority in past years. Kranji Green, which is set to be accomplished in 2021, will aid in the development of green technologies and start contributing to Singapore’s zero waste arrangements by providing a home for recyclers working with metal, paper, and plastic industrial effluents and encouraging the recycling and repurposing of industrial wastes.

Complementary industries may be brought together in the revitalized Sungei Kadut, increasing the likelihood of the area establishing resource efficient economies. For instance, inside the SKED ecosystem, businesses may pool their garbage and ship it to the nearest waste management firm. Using it promotes waste management, lessens the burden on logistical departments, and fosters a spirit of cooperation for the future.


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