Noise Study for new homes in Telok Blangah

Tengah Air Base

Ong Ye Kung, second minister for Defense told that government companies – like Housing and Development Board and National Environment agency – are informed of the noise conditions that dwellers living nearby expanded Tengah Air Base will be imposed to, according to Channel NewsAsia.

Because of this, as a guide in organizing and planning the improvement of the recent flats in the surrounding area, a noise research study will be used.

“We pledge to be equal to the citizens who are shifting to the new buildings constructed near the broaden Tengah Air Base and allow them to know that it’s impossible to diminish the noise entirely while a few of noise contraction can be attained by the way of alleviation method,” he added in Parliament on Monday (September 11).

The explanation was created in the answer to the queries of Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC managing partner, Alex Yam and Pasir-Ris Punggol managing partner, Sun Xueling on how the relocation of Paya Lebar Air Base to Tengah would change citizens in the respective areas.

From 2019, the Paya Lebar Air Base is decided to be moved in phases to Tengah and Changi air bases.

He announced that the respected Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), organizes most of the flying for local coaching over water rather than conducting local trainings over land to alleviate unwanted sounds.

He acclaimed that the RSAF operates over populous areas generally for blasting off and landing purposes purely.

Based on community assessment, the RSAF is also adjusting its flying schedule.

“Examples of that are, the RSAF stops night flying prior during examination days in order that our students can more concentrate on their studies, can relax as well and diminishes flying activities.”

He further said that the RSAF plans to continuously engage citizens nearby the airbases and discover additional techniques to lessen problems produced to the society while meeting its training and achieving its operational requirements.